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Dan Bern

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Dan Bern

Dan Bern

Dan Bern is a prolific songwriter and captivating performer with a loyal, multi- generational following in many countries. A mishap with a snowblower in March 2018 cost Bern two of his fingertips. Unable to play guitar for the better part of a year, he turned to the piano, finding fresh inspiration and perspective. This discovery led to Regent Street, a collection of 11 songs that plumb new musical and artistic depths for Bern.

Dan Bern is at the top of his game with “Regent Street.” Adventurous, undeniable, alive, and one of Bern's best records. I was blown away by all of it.

-Steve Almond, author and social critic

"Candyfreak;" the "Dear Sugar" Podcast with Cheryl Strayed

Fabulous record....Moving and fun and wild...

-Chuck Plotkin, Bruce Springsteen record producer

Bern spent the better part of 2018 rehabbing from his injury and working out new material on piano. Towards the end of the year, with the help of some homespun prosthetic fingertips, he was able to play guitar again. At the behest of Jordan Katz and Jonathan Flaugher, longtime Bern collaborators, a wildly-talented crop of musicians was assembled to record Bern's new songs. Over the course of a few months the album came together, with many songs written as the recording process was underway.

The title track, “Regent Street,” was recorded by none other than Roger Daltrey, a fan of Bern's. Bern sent him a demo of the song in 2017, and was thrilled to soon hear a recorded version of Daltrey doing the song, with his own Cajun band. Upon hearing Daltrey's version, Bern was inspired to record it in the same style for his new record. Bern considers this recording of “Regent Street” to be a cover of his own song.

Dan Bern has released twenty-five studio albums, EPs, live albums and kids’ albums, and played at festivals, clubs and theaters throughout North America and Europe. Bern has written songs for movies (Walk Hard—the Dewey Cox Story and Get Him to the Greek). His songs have appeared in countless TV shows and independent films, and many other projects.

A multi-dimensional artist, Bern has paintings displayed in The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and The Bobby Feller Museum. In 2019 he has had exbibits of his paintings combined with song at galleries in Florida, New York City and San Francisco.

He has published several books, the latest being a collection of poems, “encounters,” which recount his real-life encounters with, among others, Wilt Chamberlain, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Carter and Hunter S. Thompson.

His new podcast, “10,000 Crappy Songs” is a radio drama of a songwriter-turned- detective. Bern maintains the 24/7 internet radio station Radio Free Bernsteinn.

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