Dan May with special guest Sierra Hurtt

Dan May with special guest Sierra Hurtt

Dan May
Ages 21+
Dan May is one of a rare breed of singer-songwriters that has made the successful transition from classical to popular music.

Dan May is one of a rare breed of singer-songwriters that has made the successful transition from classical to popular music. After a 12-year career that saw him singing roles with opera companies across the US and Canada, he began writing and performing his own songs in 2005, which has resulted in six critically-acclaimed albums, including “Dying Breed,” which made the The Philadelphia Inquirer’s list of “Top Ten Albums of 2011.”

May’s music has appeared on radio, in television and film, as well as orchestral performances and his warm baritone and folk-pop songs with their rootsy embellishments that “brim with hooks and heart as well as intelligence and grace” have been embraced by live audiences from coast to coast.

And here’s what they’re saying:

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: "exceptionally well-crafted and well-written...full of insistently catchy, emotionally substantial songs"

SACRAMENTO BEE: "A master storyteller"

BELLINGHAM (WA) HERALD: "Though he's been in pop music barely five years, the late bloomer has already compiled an impressive body of work."

COLLEGE TIMES, TEMPE (AZ) : " May delivers songs that, for all their literary grace are accessible and unaffected."

FORT WAYNE (IN) JOURNAL GAZETTE: "Dying Breed" displays all the striking qualities that marked May's earlier sets.

PULSE MAGAZINE, CEDAR FALLS (IA) COURIER : "May engages the listeners with numbers tender and loving as well as sly and cutting."

GRAND FORKS (ND) HERALD: "He can pack quite a bluesy punch when he wants to."

CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: "The only non-original is Springsteen's "Thunder Road" and it speaks to May's exceptional talents that he can make the Boss's monumental anthem seem a part of his own work."

SING OUT! MAGAZINE: "Dying Breed is beautifully assembled. Dan's compassion and empathy make the songs vivid. Very rewarding, warm album."


The term ‘genre-defying’ can instill fear in the heart of any music executive and test even the most seasoned music aficionado. Vocalist and songwriter, Sierra Hurtt, challenges you to expand your concept of what a song can express. She writes from her soul, but she can also tap into the essence of a song you already know and give it new meaning.

The daughter of award-winning rhythm and blues songwriter, Phil Hurtt, Sierra was immersed in the business of music from an early age. At her father’s knee, she learned the art and craft of composing the well-rounded pop song. At the tender age of four, she became a regular fixture in the famed recording studios of Philadelphia, rubbing shoulders with Philly’s Soul elite. But it was her teenage love affair with rock and roll that sparked her imagination and pushed her to develop her own unique sound.

Admittedly, Sierra's catalog is an unusual mix of styles, but with one unifying thread: the energy of live performance filtered through Sierra’s meticulous attention to detail as a producer. In this environment, Sierra thrives; exploring the mystifying coexistence of both frailty and strength in the human spirit. She dares you to take the journey with her, across borders and boundaries, beyond genre, and into the realm of possibility. She promises to show you where the locals hang out, avoiding the tourist traps and the postcard moments, to find what’s real and what’s true. In that, she is the perfect guide.


"This is one of the best and most soulful female voices you’ll ever hear!"


“What sets Sierra Hurtt apart from her contemporaries, from my personal point of view, is not what she let’s out or delivers vocally, but rather what she holds back. Her innate ability to manipulate time and space in between musical notes and bars, is absolutely stunning. These same traits can be found in her songwriting. Everything from lyrics to musical arrangements are perfectly dosed and never out of control or extravagant.”

Rick Jamm - JamSphere

“Sierra Hurtt and her band alchemize everything from chilled folk to blues and from cool Latin to jazz to sultry soul and come off like a less ethereal and more worldly-wise Sade.”

Groovers on Manoeuvres

"It’s rare that I’m blown away by a new artist, but here we are. Endless possibilities in the Universe if you’re open to it...[Sierra Hurtt's] voice oozes with honesty and credibility..."

James Moore - IMP - urbandisavirus

“Philadelphia is known for its history and rich culture, but it is also known for its tremendous amount of talent. Sierra Hurtt is one of Philly’s talented singer/songwriters who spreads her message through her music.”

Crystal Cranmore / CBS Philly Local - CBS

“Sierra Hurtt calls herself “a singer and a songwriter,” and it’s an important distinction. At live shows she’s a killer interpreter, turning familiar rock tunes into scorching torch songs with a vocal finesse that recalls Sade. But the real heat comes when she combines her smokey alto vocals with cutting original lyrics. Together they make Sierra something electrifying — recalling early genre-bending discs from Sarah McLachlan. Sierra tours the US and UK as an independent artist, but still calls Philly her home.”

Peter Marinari - CBS Philly - Best Local Songwriters

Venue Information:
The Locks at Sona
4417 Main St
Philadelphia, PA, 19127