Jared Feinman

Jared Feinman

Ages 21+
Jared Feinman

From College Dropout to Murder Ballad Songwriter

"Love is an obstacle

"Love is improbable

"Love is unstoppable

"And love is beating me"

Only 5 credits short of graduating from the University of Richmond with a business degree, Jared Feinman withdrew, recognizing the business world was not for him. A few months later, he auditioned and was accepted to the prestigious contemporary conservatory, Berklee College of Music, where he cultivated and practiced the craft of song.

The Philadelphia-area native writes poignant lyrics and arranges mournful instrumentals that enhance his vocals, a sultry mix of jazz and blues. When you listen to Jared you don’t just hear his voice you feel it. Jared’s singing is accompanied by his piano playing, supported by a rhythm section with additional musicians on strings, horns, and background vocals. His signature songs, with their mournful and moody style, have been coined “murder ballads,” and have a particular draw: Long after hearing them, they leave a listener with a heart-twisting, soul-crushing ache.

For Jared, 27, music has always been an inherent force. At age 6, Feinman’s training began with classical piano, which he learned intensely for 10 years. Born and raised in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, the layered sounds of classical composers, such as Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy, influenced him. It unlocked a new way of looking at music, and ultimately drew him to the slow, groove hums of jazz. Feinman studied jazz piano under the renowned jazz educator, the late Jimmy Amadie, who had worked with Mel Torme. Feinman proclaimed, “I attribute my feel and approach to harmony largely to Jimmy. He was a powerful influence on me as his youngest student when I was only 15.”

Since returning to Pennsylvania in 2017, Jared has concentrated a lot of time on crafting riveting song lyrics that pair perfectly with his absolute pitch. Part of the secret to his growing songbook is a lulling rhythm that rouses the senses and connects to the mind, as heard in his debut release in 2018, “Love Is An Obstacle.” Followed up with his second single “All My Life,” released in October 2019, Feinman will continue to release more tracks throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

Reflecting on his music, Jared said, “I want to make music that cuts to the bone and leaves a listener longing for more.” Jared Feinman (pronounced Fine*min) lives in Villanova and can be contacted at jared@jaredfeinman.com.

Venue Information:
The Locks Music
4417 Main St

Philadelphia, PA, 19127