The Quixote Project and Ian Alexy Co-Bill

The Quixote Project and Ian Alexy Co-Bill

The Quixote Project
Ian Alexy
Ages 21+
The Quixote Project and Ian Alexy Co-Bill.

The Quixote Project are a roots-music outfit that pulls from traditional genres to blur the lines of modern music. "Frontman Jeff Selby and a revolving cast of musicians have distilled the multi-genre sounds of a beachfront music festival into a remarkably cohesive live set, with hints of bluegrass, folk, and rock in a style that would be pigeonholed as “jam” if the songwriting wasn’t so explicitly pop-oriented" says Dave Fox of MUSIC WITHOUT LABELS. 


Ian Alexy is a Philadelphia born, Minneapolis based singer, songwriter and member of the nationally acclaimed Americana duo Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank. His salt of the earth songwriting and expressive guitar work, according to Minneapolis Star Tribune, “invoke eighties era Springsteen and Petty.” Ian Alexy is currently performing as a solo artist and with his backing band in support of his new record “Deserters.”

“Invokes 80s era Springsteen and Petty.” -Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Packed with full-blown rock ‘n’ roll gusto.” - Volume One Magazine

“Brett Favre has his own anthem. A folk song about a folk hero”.- Jim Rome Sports Talk Radio  (commenting on Ian Alexy’s song “Old Number Four” recorded with Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank)

Venue Information:
The Locks at Sona
4417 Main St
Philadelphia, PA, 19127