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Of Love, Comedy And Drama: ‘Bingo!’ It’s The Movie That Every Casino Lover Should See

No, it’s not the one with the puppy Although this tape is not very well known, we assure you that it will make you more than a smile.

Yes, the movie is called the same as the famous movie dog: Bingo. However, ” Bingo! Lucky Numbers” is a completely different film that does not have a dog as the main character and that will make you laugh out loud with a story that revolves around (forgive the redundancy) the game of bingo . You’re going to love it!

Can you imagine being in your favorite bingo hall and discovering that you have the ability to guess the numbers that are about to come out? Wow! Well, that’s more or less what happens to Linda in this movie, but with a much deeper and funnier story that we’ll tell you next …

The original name of the film is House! , and was released in 2000. Directed by Julian Kemp, one of the minds behind Last five girlfriends (2009) , this film passed without pain or glory after its premiere like many comedy films, but we assure you that it will make you pass a good time. It’s the kind of movie they call “palomeras” .

The film tells the story of Linda (Kelly MacDonald), a young woman who often attends “La Scala”, a small bingo hall in her city where she spends hours of fun. At a point in the story, he realizes that he has the ability to predict the numbers that will come up during the game and everything starts to get complicated when his “super power” does not turn out as expected.

The whole conflict begins when ‘La Scala’ opens a much larger and newer bingo hall very close , so the small room begins to decay . Because Linda managed to break free from a depression thanks to ‘La Scala’ and the irreplaceable memories she made there, she refuses to accept the situation. However, sooner than later he decides to go to the new establishment to take a look.

In addition to discovering her unique and secret talent, Linda has the possibility of finding love so there is a moment in the film when almost everything seems perfect, but will she accept that “La Scala” closes its doors to enjoy the new and great? bingo? Or will he do what he can to save the place that saved her?

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